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Micro Dia End Mill
Diameter: D0.10 mm - D0.9 mm & R0.15 mm- R0.45 mm Lenth: L50 mm Material: ultra-fine grain cemented carbide Hardness: HRC62 & HRC65 Can be customized.
Carbide Drill
Carbide drill, internal cooling drill series。It adopts imported ultra-micro carbide raw material, high quality Angle design and processing, which has high hardness, high drilling and double durability. Support for
Carbide Taper Cutter
Taper cutter with flat bottom taper cutter and ball head taper cutter; Taper Milling Cutter Material: Carbide Taper Milling Cutter. Taper cutter coating: coating optional, according to the product material conditions specified coating;
Solid Carbide Saw Blade
Solid carbide saw blad using ultrafine particles matrix, fine processing by precision grinding center, strict quality control, to ensure customer process more smooth, more fine quality products. When milling particularly high hardness of metal, can choose
Solid Carbide Saw Blade Customized
Solid carbide saw blade using ultrafine particles cemented carbide substrates, through the fine machining of precision grinding center, strict quality control, to ensure customer process more smooth, more fine quality products.Or according to customer req
Carbide Collet Chuck
Precision carbide collet chuck is applied in Japan, Switzerland, Germany and other production CNC lathe, automatic lathe < such as: TSUGAMI, MIYANO, NUCBOY, DAIWA, STAR, RIKEN, TORNOS, TRAUB,HARDINGE,HANWHA,STROM etc. >.
Cemented Carbide Materials
Various TOYIROK cemented carbide materials are mixed, suppressed and sinter molded through advanced machine and a series of processing technology by the powder metallurgy method. With the features such as hardness, high-strength, anti-corrosion and stainl
We adopt German advanced diamond coating and nanometer coating technology, dedicated service in carbon fiber composite material, graphite, resin, dental, 3C precision processing, covering different materials, hardness&processing requirements.
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